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Usable web sites


 Reviewing web sites

Refreshing your existing site needn't be costly. I can optimise it for usability, usefulness and uumph, with just a few quick fixes. Small tweaks can make a big difference to the impact of your web site.

A site review can quickly pin-point areas not working at 100%; my follow-up report will outline the solutions open to you and we can work together to find the best resolution.

My speciality is content - I can ensure that your web site message is clear and interesting.

I also advise on writing web-friendly text and provide fast content updating services.

Adding new features will make your web presence more lively and engaging and increase return visits.

Don't let your web site go to waste because no-one can find it! I can improve your 'findability' in search engines and other web directories.


 New web sites

Isn't it frustrating when you can't find your way around a web site, or find yourself at a dead-end? This won't happen with your site, as my first job is to develop the structure and navigation paths.

Your site has to reflect your business ethos and the services you offer, so it's important to get the look and feel right. I can either work with your design ideas, or provide a choice of design options to consider.

Content is king! The right words are vital for a really effective web site. I can write web-friendly content for you, or provide suggestions to enhance yours.

Using industry best-practice and hand-written standards based code, I custom build sites to work on all major browsers and future-proof them for easy updates down the line.

I also use WordPress to create new sites. Working with a graphic designer, we can develop your own customised look and features, or I can use one of the many pre-written WordPress themes that are available for free or for a low one-off cost.

Make your web site findable. I can provide a broad range of search optimisation techniques to help get your site up to the top of the listings, such as Google.


 Getting online

From registering the domain name of your choice to providing reliable, high-performance web site hosting, I can provide the support to get you online.
I use a number of registrars and hosting services, which I carefully match to meet your needs.

Information about UK based registrations:
- .uk domain names are registered in line with Nominet's Terms & Conditions.
- Domain names are typically set to renew automatically, to give you peace of mind, but you are of course able to cancel at any time; ideally 30 days prior to the expiry date of the domain.
- For the domains that are not auto renewed I will send an expiry notification during the 30 days prior to the expiry date of the domain.
- If you ever have cause to report an incidence of someone abusing your domain name, or other issue, then please contact me in the first instance and I will take the issue up on your behalf and get back to you with a progress report within 2 working days.
- If the issue concerns a UK based domain name, or if you feel your issue has not been addressed adequately, then you can also contact Nominet directly.


 Need other web-related help?

I can provide advice and assistance with:

  • setting up an email newsletter system.
  • configuring your site for Google Analytics to get usage statistics on your web site visitors
  • buying a domain name (the address where your web site will 'live')
  • providing reliable advice on hosting your web site.

Get in touch and we can discuss possibilities.